Retailers use Omni-Channel Analytics from SAS to keep fickle Customers captivated

Connecting with consumers when and how they want is retail’s holy grail. Meaningful contact with customers translates directly into higher customer satisfaction, healthier profits and increased loyalty. How do retailers like excel at customer interactions, in robust and lean economies alike? Chris McCann, President and CEO of, and other retail leaders will join SAS at the 2017 National Retail Federation Big Show to reveal how omni-channel analytics makes a difference.

“Our ability to understand what our customers need and want is our competitive advantage,” said McCann. “Analytics help increase customer retention, shopping frequency and the average spend within and across our brands. In short, SAS helps us deepen lifetime relationships with customers, and that’s our lifeblood.”

During the last 17 years, has trusted SAS Analytics to guide better decisions. The company recently expanded its relationship with SAS by establishing an enterprise platform for data management and omnichannel marketing. SAS helps the retailer retrieve, sort and analyze data to better serve customers and target product offerings. With SAS, develops an insightful view of its customers across brands by orchestrating relevant interactions that enhance loyalty and strengthen customer trust.

Omni-Channel analytics helps retailers interact in a timely fashion

Omnichannel analytics from SAS helps retailers gain predictive insights about a customer’s buying journey. It can improve the precision and relevancy of a retailer’s assortment planning and marketing campaign effectiveness plus allow the business to make data-driven decisions regardless of the channel involved. SAS Analytics helps retailers drive higher profits, lower inventory costs and increase customer satisfaction.

“Consumers expect relevant, timely, consistent interactions with the retailers they prefer regardless of how or when they shop,” said Lori Schafer, SAS Retail Executive Advisor and moderator of the session featuring McCann. “The only way to meaningfully act upon all the data retailers capture is to apply analytics that reveal insight and predict outcomes that increase overall customer lifetime value. Data management and analytics are a necessity to modern retailers.”

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