Customer Experience quality triggers eCommerce trends. It is the most competitive area through which eCommerce brands are trying to distinguish themselves from the lot and earn brand loyalty for a longer and stronger business run.

With players like Amazon setting benchmarks in customer experience, right from same-day delivery to drone-delivery testing, there are a lot more trends that could become a norm for eCommerce players by the end of the decade. Here are some of the interesting eCommerce trends that will come our way by 2020.

1. Virtual Trials will replace Showroom Experience in Fashion

Augmented reality-based trails will become common in retail fashion outlets, limiting stock only to warehouses or stocking rooms. The pleasure of going for a garment trial will be turned digital with the help of AR.

Result: Space saved but not at the cost of conventional retail shopping experience.

2. In-App Messaging will help Brands connect with Consumers in a more personalised manner

A majority of online retailers have already turned or are turning to mobile apps to reach out to customers but, the fact is, user engagement across apps is still a major challenge even for companies that have adopted a mobile strategy earlier. In-app messaging is one of the eCommerce trends to follow for multi-vendor marketplace websites and apps.

Result: A closer understanding of customer behavior helps in knowing what’s important to them to leverage on successful opportunities.

3. Beacons to connect the dots in Omni-Channel experience

Suppose you have both a marketplace website and a retail store. Customers who jump across multiple mediums are likely to use online medium for placing orders and pick up products from the retail store. Such customers can be targeted with additional offers during their retail store visit as a part of extending their omnichannel experience.

Result: Seamless brand experience, personalization and opportunities to upsell and cross sell.

Now, let’s move on to the practices and adoptions which heavy duty eCommerce websites like multi-vendor marketplaces and exclusive eCommerce stores will have to implement by 2020.

4. The rise in number of Customer Touchpoints

With the emergence of multiple devices like wearables, Smart TVs, connected appliances, and much more, the touch points through which customers can reach an eCommerce brand have increased.

Result: An increased level of shopping convenience and brands can study which channel is effective in driving sales.

5. The sharing and renting trend in Travel will infiltrate other domains

One of the top eCommerce trends will be the sharing and renting idea that has been globalized by some players like AirBnB into other domains, mainly hardware. This will have a negative impact on the hardware manufacturing and selling business but the fact is, businesses will have to face this stiffness soon.

Result: Shoppers can save money by renting or swapping instead of owning.

6. Online Stores will get physical with showcases for winning Customers’ trust

Shoppers have more than enough options from exclusive web stores and marketplace websites but you must first earn their trust to garner healthy conversion rates. The question is how?

Physical stores created by online brands for the sole purpose of providing a glimpse of the product face-to-face will be one of the top 10 eCommerce trends by 2020.

Result: Win customers with your showcase stores and turn them into brand evangelists forever.

7. Pop-Up stores to help Manufacturers better

Popup stores are set to catapult sales and brand reach of manufacturers. As popup stores demand less storage space without a need for maintaining and managing it for long-term, manufacturers and private-label retailers can improve their sales through this practice.

Result: Added advantage for manufacturers in the retail eCommerce market in the coming years

8. ‘Click and Collect’ will help in facing order fulfillment challenges

Order fulfillment challenges of online retailers, especially hefty multi-vendor marketplace websites will be taken care by a ‘Click and collect’ model. With a few players like Amazon leading by example, it will become a one of the highly adopted eCommerce trends by 2020 with more brands perfecting the art. However, same-day delivery will also become a must-have factor for brands.

Result: Less investment of logistics and deliveries with increased order fulfillment.

9. UX improvements will help in better conversions

User experience will be a deciding factor for brands to cash in on a customer’s mood to buy. Web and mobile apps with great user experience will play a significant role in reducing cart abandonments and app uninstalls. Mobile apps that lead to products and carts with swipes, drags and taps actions will be the breadwinners.

Result: The smoother and more connected the screen transitions are, the better conversions will be.

10. The Social world will probe commerce

Social media platforms where users are available in abundance, will come up with their own marketplaces to leverage their rich user bases. Additionally, their insights over user behavior and preferences will help social marketplaces provide more personalized suggestions.

Result: Online retail brands have a highly equipped channel to help them reach their potential customers.

Originally published in SiteProNews