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The Best Deals App is a mobile app that allows to you, the User, to compare prices of supermarket items, more specifically groceries. It is a SMART APP, that givesd you information based on your preferences and your location. How cool is that?
The App is available on the Google Play Store for now. IT will be available for Apple phones on the Apple Store at the end of February.
The Best Deals App is free to use. No costs attached and NO in-app purchases. We want you, The Consumer, to enjoy the benefits of finding the Best Deals wherever you are.
Yes we do. If you are having hassles with the App, you can always drop us an email and our Support Team will do their very best to make sure the App is working perfectly on your mobile phone.
Yes you can. IF you have multiple phones or if you have both Apple and Android devices, you can download the app as many times as you want. Using the same login details allows you to SYNC your settings and favourites across devices.
Drop us an email from this website or directly from the App Menu and we will try to get your favourite Supermarket online
This means that your Store of choice is not running any Promotions at the time of you using the App. You can browse the Categories to get the normal prices of items OR you can look out for Specials at other Supermarkets nearby
The App will compare prices for you automatically. All you have to do is look for that special item, and the rest is done for you?
According to our research, the App, when used correctly, can save you R100s (hundreds of rands) on your daily / weekly or monthly grocery shopping by merely looking out for the best deals.
Yes you can. You can share each item on promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp and Email. The more you share, the more people around you get to save.
Yes, we would love you to. On the left Menu, you will see the SHARE Icon on the bottom. If you share the App, you stand a chance of winning a monthly shopping voucher.
Yes you can. The beauty of it is that you select the items for your Shopping List and the app tellls you exactly what your Shopping List will cost you; BEFORE you go into the Store. How amazing is that?
Lets say you are having a Dinner Party or hosting a Special function. Create a Whishlist and add items to these lists. The app will also keep a running cost of what each Wishlist will cost you.
You can select a Retailer and a Store in another area. But, here's a cool feature. The Best Deals has a "follow-me" setting (you can turn this off). If you happen to change location or are visiting another city. The app will automatically find the best deals for you based on your current locaion.


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Which Consumer usage increasing on a daily basis. a Retailer can broadcast their promotions to a targeted audience; made up of existing customers and potential new customers.
The App is available on the Google Play Store for now. IT will be available for Apple phones on the Apple Store at the end of February.
Retailers need to subscribe to one of our Product Offerings to enable them to use our Back-Office platform. Fill out the form below and one of our Consultants will contact you.
We provide full training for Retailers and we have a dedicated Support Team to respond to all your queries
As a Retailer, if you would like to use our platform but do not have a dedicated person in-house to manage your campaigns, our Concierge will do all the administration for you. Reports will be sent to you on a weekly basis.
Yes, you certainly can. We would love to have you on board and see your business grow.
No, once you sign on as a Partner with us, all system updates and new features will not cost you anymore than the current subscription you are on. You can upgrade your sunscription based on your requirements.
We have 3, 6 and 12 month options. Trust us, once you sign on, you will never want to cancel.

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Drop us an email if you require more information, of if you would like to sign up. One of our Marketing Consultants will contact you shortly.