WHAT you need, WHEN you need it & WHERE you need it.

Never before has the Consumer had so much of POWER in their hands. Smartphones play a tremendous role in our lives, be it work related, a device to connect us socially or just as as communications device. But how many SMART APPS do you currently use? Welcome to your very own Personal Shopping Assistant. The Best Deals mobile app is a Comparative Shopping Engine (CSE) for Supermarkets. No need to worry about wait for print ads to find out the costs of groceries at your favourite Supermarket; The Best Deals App does everything for you.

Browse Supermarket Promotions in your Area

Browse Supermarket Promotions based on your preferences

Compare your SAVINGS across Supermarkets

Share Deals with Friends and Family

Create Shopping Lists and Wishlists

Follow Price changes on your favourite Items


Activate Campaigns to a TARGET Audience in REAL time

Its time for change. For far too long, we have been accustomed to doing this the old-fashion way. Welcome to a World where Technology is disrupting every industry. Gone are the days when conventional methods sufficed. The old cliche "POWER is NOTHING without CONTROL" is so true.

Our Product offering gives YOU, the Retailer, complete POWER and CONTROL over ...

1. How you manage and activate Campaigns within your Company.

2. Who your Campaigns are targeted at.

3. Real Time Anayltics

4. In-App Message directly to your Customer base


Your Advert Here

Retailers, Brands and Supermarkets can advertise through various Channels and Categories to ensure their ad is reached their correct Audience. The Best Deals App has 100s of categories aimed at targeting a unique audience


Todays Hottest Deals

As Retailers and Supermarkets activate their Promotions, the items with the best promotional offer, based on your Profile preferences will automatically display here, showing you the deals, that relate to your shopping preference. No need to browse content that you are not interested in. These deals will be updated automatically.


Categories Galore

We have streamlined the Category Listings in each Department, ensuring that you do not have to drill down more than 3 levels to find items you are specifically looking for. When you do locate that item, you can save them to you personalised Shopping List or Wish List and track their promotions. Our integrated Search facility allows you to search for items on-the-fly.


Detail Product View

In Product View, you have an overview of the Deal. You can see your Savings in real time. View the Normal Price, Savings, Percentage Savings. Deal information, Store Information, and the price of the Item in view at other Local Supermarkets in your area. You an also contact the Store, check operating hours and get directions to the Store from this screen.


All Deals

Instead of waiting for your local newspaper to deliver the latest Specials, you can now view al items on Promotion at your favourite Supermarket. Save the Deal, Share the Deal, but most importantly, buy that product before the promotion ends.

I really love this app. Im savings R100s a month

Tina Kruger

Krishnan Nair

At last, an app that shows me all the Supermarket deals in my area. Love it

Krishnan Nair